Closing Up Shop

Now that my book tour is in high gear, I need to slow some things down.  So I’m closing up the shutters on the blog for awhile.  You’re kindly invited to mosey over to the My Ruby Slippers blog, where your subscription will bring you updates from the road.  Meanwhile, feel free to peruse the archives here for thoughts on slow living in the fast lane.  And wherever you are, keep reading.

Details about dates and venues on the book tour are here. Do come out, spread the word, and bring your friends.  Meeting in person is ever so much nicer than…well, you know.

updated 3/29/11


8 Responses to “Closing Up Shop”

  1. John Says:

    Best wishes with the tour.

  2. Julia Says:

    I’ll echo the best wishes. Also, thanks for the handwritten note. I just received Ruby Slippers from Amazon and it’s next on my list — can’t wait!

    • Tracy Seeley Says:

      Thanks, Julia ~ and thanks for your letter back. Yes! I do love to garden (there are a few posts in the archives about my garden). Hope spring continues to find you.

  3. annie q. syed Says:

    just subscribed to the the blog with tour updates etc.! really looking forward to your journey and thanks for inspiring and your support. ~a.

    haven’t gotten my copy yet but will do!

  4. Mary Zawadzki Says:

    Good luck with the tour and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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