Shutters Open, Cobwebs Gone, Slow Living is Open for Business

Captain Trips and I arrived home the other day from our 10-week summer RV book-and-movie tourapalooza.  Not triumphantly, but in tears.

The RV at Monarch Campground

Gone are the mornings one of us looks at the other and says, “Do you know what day is it?” and neither one of us knows.  Or, “What do you want to do today?” and both of us shrug.  We knew we didn’t have to decide; the adventure would simply appear.  Apart from showing up for book readings and movie screenings, we could go where we wanted, stop when we pleased, hang out at the town pool wherever we happened to land, listen to the rain at night on our little metal roof.

We had our moments, surely.  I had altitude sickness in Yellowstone, packrats ate our air conditioning in Kansas, and the RV, big lug that it is, crashed into a few minor tree branches.  We almost had a flat tire.  Almost.  For nearly 8000 miles of safe travel, we’re grateful.

We’ll spend the next few decades waxing nostalgic for our summer.  Even the near-misses and mishaps of the past 10 weeks have taken on the rosy patina of comedy and time.

We’re selling the RV, so I guess we’ll stay planted.  But Captain Trips and I intend to hang on to that feeling of freedom.  To make time and space in our days for whatever adventure comes.  To hang out and simply breathe in the pleasure of the world.

If you find yourself anywhere near our back yard, stop in for a tale of the road.  And in the meantime, here’s to slow living wherever you are.  And welcome home.

man sitting at picnic table contemplating the woods

Captain Trips, Waiting for the Adventure to Appear


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12 Responses to “Shutters Open, Cobwebs Gone, Slow Living is Open for Business”

  1. Tracy Seeley Says:

    What’s up in your back yard?

  2. Tara Seeley Says:

    I was hoping you might decide to keep that RV…waiting for the next road trip…

    I loved my two nights as your guest in that RV, the afternoon at the pool in Hays followed by dinner at the local brew pub…sweet times!

  3. John Says:

    I missed you and your blog while you were tripping. I am still learning to slow read, close read etc. As for my back yard, there’s weeds in the cracks and cracks in the weeds. Best wishes, John.

  4. deb seeley Says:

    It’s been a great summer –except for the month of rain in June! Happy, I was able to reconnect with my cousins on FB; and to spend those 3 days with you and Mr. Trips, in Omaha….the time flied much too quickly……I’ve been riding my bike everyday to work–even during a couple 99 degree days—wanted to try a no-car summer –but didn’t quite make it….ha……but I feel like I’m 12 again–albeit–no doubt fleeting… :~) Start school next week! Looking forward! –but have a couple more days to hang out in the garden. Dennis and I are still waiting for the video of Mr. Trips flight! Maybe we’ll try posting those pictures of all of us in the Whirlpool spa –lol–if we can figure out how……..

    • Tracy Seeley Says:

      When the falling out of an airplane video becomes available, I’ll let you know. Captain Trips will be posting it soon. And it was great to spend time with your and Dennis in Omaha. How about next summer, too?

  5. annie q. syed Says:

    oh you guys are back. it’s been wonderful following the journey. but i think this is the beginning of your adventures with Captain Trips with or without the RV! : )

  6. Julia Munroe Martin Says:

    You lived our dream for those 8000 miles! I hope we have that opportunity; we’ve always wanted to take a roadtrip in an RV — and you make it look even better than I thought! Glad you’re home safe and sound but can imagine you miss it already.

  7. Joe LaGuardia Says:

    Welcome back! We’ve missed the “slow” blog!

  8. blockblind Says:

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