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Shutters Open, Cobwebs Gone, Slow Living is Open for Business

August 14, 2011

Captain Trips and I arrived home the other day from our 10-week summer RV book-and-movie tourapalooza.  Not triumphantly, but in tears.

The RV at Monarch Campground

Gone are the mornings one of us looks at the other and says, “Do you know what day is it?” and neither one of us knows.  Or, “What do you want to do today?” and both of us shrug.  We knew we didn’t have to decide; the adventure would simply appear.  Apart from showing up for book readings and movie screenings, we could go where we wanted, stop when we pleased, hang out at the town pool wherever we happened to land, listen to the rain at night on our little metal roof.

We had our moments, surely.  I had altitude sickness in Yellowstone, packrats ate our air conditioning in Kansas, and the RV, big lug that it is, crashed into a few minor tree branches.  We almost had a flat tire.  Almost.  For nearly 8000 miles of safe travel, we’re grateful.

We’ll spend the next few decades waxing nostalgic for our summer.  Even the near-misses and mishaps of the past 10 weeks have taken on the rosy patina of comedy and time.

We’re selling the RV, so I guess we’ll stay planted.  But Captain Trips and I intend to hang on to that feeling of freedom.  To make time and space in our days for whatever adventure comes.  To hang out and simply breathe in the pleasure of the world.

If you find yourself anywhere near our back yard, stop in for a tale of the road.  And in the meantime, here’s to slow living wherever you are.  And welcome home.

man sitting at picnic table contemplating the woods

Captain Trips, Waiting for the Adventure to Appear


New Year’s Resolution: Wrap a Fast Year in Slowness

January 10, 2011
Red tomato-shaped pin cushion with strawberry needle sharpener

There's a reason my pin cushion looks like something from my garden

As you know, I like tootling along in the slow lane, making jam, planting onions, reading books made of trees.  Just this past weekend, I sewed up a satchel for my laptop. And if that’s not an emblem for the coming year, I can’t think of one that is. On the outside, you’ve got something hand-crafted. On the inside, a machine that’s a sign of the times: speed, connection, information, and oh that monkey, monkey mind.

Because 2011 is the year of the book. My book, which comes out in March. So while books usually take me to the slow side, this book means crankin’ things up.  My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back to Kansas is going on tour.  Ten weeks on the road starting in June, from California to Indiana and parts in between.  And having just spent the last of my trust fund, I am become my own publicist.  Let’s not even get into the details of such a chore except to say it’s composed of a million little pieces that could well fritter away my brain.

So my challenge in the midst of the whirl is to do something slow every day, to bring it all back to the ground of stillness and contemplation.

New Year’s Resolution #1:  Take a tip from that satchel with the laptop inside: Wrap each day in slowness.  To start with, on waking, give an hour to writing.  Sit for awhile and breathe.  In.  Out.  And before tucking myself in for the night, have a nice, slow read.

fat, black question markWhat slow resolutions have you made for the year?  And what’s on your reading pile?

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